Puritii Water Bottles from Ariix

The Puritii™ Water Filtration System is a technological breakthrough in filtration design. It offers an effective portable solution for ensuring the purity of water we drink from potable and NON POTABLE source.. Three technologies come together to form the amazing Puritii Filter. It is constructed of Activated Coconut Shell Carbon, Silver-based AquaSpear Antimicrobial Technology and the patented Zeolite ZeoSleeve™. For more information, Click Here to download

Divvy Water Portable Purification System

The DIVVY™ 250 emergency drinking water supply system delivers lifesaving, purified water from any fresh water source at a rate of up to 2500 gallons/day, without the need of fuel or electricity. For more information on the DIVVY system, For more information, Click Here to download a PDF

We use the DIVVY System to purify water in Africa for a school and plan to take the DIVVY System to Nepal.

The Aquamira® DIVVY Water Transport Bags are extremely useful to fill and use with clean water created by the DIVVY 250 Emergency Water System.  The 1 gal. collapsible bags are BPA free and made of FDA approved plastics.  They stand upright when filled, are easy to pour from, and very durable. When the need is over, the bags can be easily cleaned, dried, rolled up, and stored.

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