ArtThatFlowsFor those of you who don’t know, I’ve officially made the choice to start an art business!

By the end of this month I’ll be finishing up the final touches of the business website for “Carpe Diem Designs by Holly Tremblay…”Art That Flows” which will be found online at

Many of you have seen some of the prints I’ll be releasing on my personal FB page capturing beautiful sunsets and scenes in nature. Art That Flows is the creation of an art brand that represents PRESENCE in nature while also taking a stand for the clean water initiative. 11.11% of all proceeds will be contributed to non-profit organizations providing access to clean water in Africa, Fiji, Nepal and even locally to the homeless veterans in San Diego, CA. The first organization being “The Pure Water Movement” founded by Steve Walton and Todd Davis based out of San Diego, CA.

Prints will be offered for sale on canvas, plexiglass and wood prints. The vision for this brand is that every household in the United States owns at least 1 print. With this possibility, transformation in the lives of others will soar with the access to clean water we all deserve. Stay tuned for Art That Flows to launch where you’ll gain access to the first flow release. Each quarter 11 new prints will be released from the print vault to keep things fun and interesting. Each purchase will also receive a token of gratitude from Art That Flows.

I’ve always known I’m here to serve a purpose on this planet that helps others and I’ve discovered my passion. Capturing and presenting the beauty of nature while supporting efforts to give EVERYONE the chance of a healthier life with clean water. It’s when we CREATE and SERVE OTHERS that miracles occur. I’m looking forward to going on this journey with all of you. Art that flows coming soon… We CAN make the difference.

With love and gratitude,
Holly Tremblay