About Us

The Pure Water Movement, Inc. partners with community leaders, health organizations, government health ministries and other organizations in foreign countries to identify families in need of clean water. Our team will gather biographical and demographic information from each recipient family, take photos and spend some time educating the family on the importance of clean drinking water. The teams also educate the family on basic hygiene and the importance of drinking and cooking exclusively with clean water.

The Pure Water Movement, Inc. will also make itself available to respond to disaster relief to provide a portable tank system in regions where clean water is difficult to obtain due to the disaster. We will work with local organizations and community leaders in such circumstances. These services may be provided to the U.S. disasters as well as foreign.


Steve Walton

Board Member

Steve Walton has had an abundantly successful career in the architectural Construction profession helping others achieve their dreams through listening to others, being passionately involved and really caring about the outcome of their project. Over the last 22 years, Steve has been able to touch over 500 hundred lives by providing a service that contributed toward making someones life a little better. A turning point accrued in Steve’s life about a year ago when he realized that he could contribute toward a cause by helping others in need of pure fresh water that could really make an impact on thousands of lives across the globe. Steve has jumped in with the same passion and dedication that he had in his architectural business and applied the same principles of helping others by contributing toward a solution that can help save lives and the environment and help make someones life a little better.

Jonathan Smith MD, MBA

Board Member

For more than three decades I have enjoyed coordinating powerful team efforts that are successful in both the operating room and the boardroom. My 35-year career as an anesthesiologist gave me the experience of working with teams to care for patients in the operating room. The practice of anesthesia requires a team approach, which includes surgeons, nurses and other assistants.
When it comes to the business arena, I am also adept at creating and empowering teams that work together for a common goal and practically guarantee success. As the founder and CEO of Healthier is Wealthier & Associates, a company that works with small businesses to decrease employee health costs while increasing productivity and creativity, I’ve had a lot of real-world experience directing a business that requires a team approach to workplace wellness and reducing employee healthcare costs.

A specific personal goal is to create a business that shares the possibility of clean water around the globe, as water is the most critical element of life for all.

I was born in Zimbabwe and am now living in San Diego. I enjoy sailing, reading, travel and fitness. I’m proud to share that I have completed five marathons, including Boston and New York. I look forward to my participation and teamwork as a member of the ARIIX Wellness Council in order to be a positive influence for balanced health on a global scale.

Howard Kaloogian

Board Member

A proud conservative, Kaloogian served as Assistant Republican Leader in the California State Assembly during his six years in office. Speaker Newt Gingrich appointed Assemblyman Kaloogian as a delegate to the National Summit on Retirement Savings.Assemblyman Kaloogian was named the Legislator of the Year for the nation in 1997 by ALEC.

After serving the maximum number of years in office under term limits, he joined Hillsdale College in 2001 where he continues to serve as the Western District Director for Planned Giving, helping supporters of the college avoid taxes and increase income by using Charitable Remainder trusts and Gift Annuities.

Kaloogian has appeared on FOX News, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC and has been published in National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and Human Events among others. Howard is married to Martha, and has a step son, Alex. They have a dog named Solomon. Howard obtained a B.A. from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctor from Pepperdine University School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in California, Michigan, the United States Tax Court, and the Federal Court for the Southern District of California. He has also taught law as an adjunct professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.